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Author Led Events
We take into account each host/organization’s budget and unique needs in order to deliver an excellent experience for your participants. A reasonable honorarium is expected, reflecting the type of event as well as the time and effort required to prepare for and deliver it. Event hosts should also plan to cover travel/meal/lodging expenses for each individual author invited (as applicable.) You can book one, two, or all three authors to participate in your event. All these details are discussed with the event host before any commitment is made or expected.

Books for Events 
Organizing From the Heart is a great resource to offer to your audience. It is ideal if the host organization pre-purchases a quantity of books at a reduced rate from the authors, and either sells them themselves during the event*, or gives one to each participant automatically (this can be worked into registration fees).  This allows us (or those leading the material if a DIY) to focus on guests instead of business transactions.  

If the authors are at your event, we do enjoy having the option of a book table if your organization is unable to purchase books ahead of time and/or if you are interested in having other products by the authors available. The authors also request permission to give instructions about how to order the book online for those who might want additional copies.

*Since organizations can pre-purchase a quantity at a reduced rate, you have the opportunity to set the sales price (with author approval) for the purpose of raising funds for an appropriate ministry or help toward event expenses. For example, you might decide to sell the books for $3 above cost and use that income to provide scholarships, defray expenses or make a donation to a worthy charity. This is a great way to tie additional meaning to your event!

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H.O.P.E. Unlimited handles booking inquiries.  There is no charge for initial inquiries. Please call 864.862.5066 or email Beth Beutler to request information. We look forward to talking with you!

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