Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekend Worship through Housework #2

Pick one section of your kitchen counter (only one section!)

  • Pull everything off of it (putting it on an island or another counter.)
  • Wipe down the counter really well with cleaner.
  • Take one item at a time and decide if it needs to go back out on the counter by asking the following:
    • Do I use this at least once a week (preferably more than once a week?)
    • If I don't, does having this out on the counter uplift my spirit and thoughts every time I see it?
    • Could I put the item in a covered cabinet, pantry, etc. and still have access when I need it?
    • If I really don't use this much, can I give it away?
  • For whatever items you decide to keep on the counter, wipe/clean them off good before returning them to the spot. For the rest, make sure you follow through on whatever decision you made.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Don't Get it Til You're Ready

I'm trying to discipline myself to more often wait to purchase something until I'm actually ready to process it. (There is exception of course to the weekly grocery shopping my husband does but I'm referring to miscellaneous errands and tasks.)

For example, I like to patronize a produce stand near my home. I have found that if I wait to go buy some produce for the week until Saturday, and then come home and immediately process most of it into snacks (i.e. cut it up, put in bags for lunch, etc.) then I'm more likely to eat the healthy food or pull it out to accompany supper.

This past Saturday I did that with watermelon. I waited to go to the produce stand until other tasks for the day were done. Then I came home and got to work.

You can apply this principle to several types of tasks.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Six Tips to Take When You Go

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A couple summers ago I had the great opportunity to go to Orlando with Karina. It was the first...perhaps only time...I had traveled away from my immediate family for several days. I enjoy getting out of town from time to time and, since it is a popular travel time right now, I thought I’d share several travel tips I've picked up.

Bring a garbage bag to hold dirty clothes. When packing up to leave, put the dirty clothes in the bottom of the suitcase, lay the garbage bag on top, and put unused clean clothes on top of that. You may be able to just stuff the garbage bag of dirty clothes back into the suitcase!

Consider getting an audio book from the library to listen to on long trips. 

If traveling alone on a road trip, and you have smart phone, consider using a tracking app (like Google "Latitude") so that a family member or friend can track your trip. During our trip, my husband could see our progress on a map. When we veered quite a bit off the known route, he called to check on us. Turns out our GPS had "told us" to go on that road to get around a city, but he would have been able to re-direct us if we'd gone the wrong way, or could call for help if we couldn't be reached. 

Prepare a variety of activities for kids so they can switch between games, "screen time" activities, and car friendly crafts. 

When you stop at a rest area, make everyone use the facilities even if they "don't have to go right now." 

If you travel frequently, keep a separate bag of toiletries "on the ready" at all times. This way you can just grab it instead of thinking about all the miscellaneous items you'll need. If flying, make sure to follow TSA guidelines for such items. You might even want to keep a suitcase packed with underthings, bathing suit, etc that go right back in the suitcase when you return from your trip.

Prepare a little recreation/treat bag for yourself with puzzle book, coloring books,card game, and snacks you don't usually eat to while away the time in a car or on a plane. 

One caution: be aware of how certain drinks or snacks affect you and plan accordingly, especially if there is a long distance between "pit stops." I think you can figure this out! Your digestive system can be affected by non-familiar water or the tendency to eat or drink more "junk food" because you are "on vacation" (i.e. allowing yourself more caffeinated beverages or soda.) Intermingle healthy snacks and familiar or bottled water to avoid discomfort. 

What are some of your best travel tips?

Weekend Worship through Housework #1

For our first WWH project, try to do the following before Sunday night. If this doesn't work for you, skip the challenge altogether so you won't get discouraged.

WWH Challenge for June 22-24, 2012

Go through your house and pick up any magazines laying around. Put them in a central place and ask your family members what, if anything, are essential to keep. Hopefully you'll all agree to discard many of them. Bring them to a recycle bin to do your part in taking care of God's creation.

Bonus tip: give serious thought to whether you need to renew or get new magazines. With so much information on the Internet, magazines can just add clutter to your life when you could look it up online. Keep the subscription if:

  • The magazine content strengthens your spirit (i.e. doesn't give you negative things to think about or make you wish you looked different or could buy something, etc.)
  • It's not a drain on your budget.
  • You have a system for keeping copies from piling up (i.e. recycling the current copy when the new once comes in whether or not you've finished reading it.)

Did you do it? Comment below!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Worship through Housework

Starting this Friday, we'll be sharing a doable "Weekend Worship through Housework" project to spur you on in organizing/cleaning your home. This corresponds with the online study going through our new book. It's a separate challenge than what is given to those enrolled in the study, so they can do bonus work and you can see fresh ideas. The first challenge will post this Friday so stay tuned!

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's an exciting day as about 60 people start the "Summer of Getting Organized" journey going through our new book! While the egroups are now full, we always accept new members to the private Facebook group to join in the discussion and challenges. We only ask that you own a copy of the book before you request to join the FB group.

One of the things we are suggesting particularly for those who only have an e-book version of the book, is that you make or get a journal to use in conjunction with your travel through the book.

If you don't already have a journal, here are some we suggest. If you choose to buy from these links, HOPE Unlimited (owned by co-author Beth Beutler who is facilitating this study) receives a small commission. This is totally optional but appreciated.