Stephanie, Beth, and Karina are all engaging speakers and compelling teachers. Their book goes much deeper than the common-sense tips of other organizing books--although there are plenty of helpful tips, too! The women of our church walked away from the event both encouraged and inspired.  Sharon Thomas, Adult Ministry Assistant , Southside Fellowship, Greenville SC

Woman's CafĂ© was excellent last night and I heard many positive comments. So nice to have the time to talk to people you have not seen in a while and to meet new ones. Coffee tea and a few snacks and great tips on becoming organized...a much needed event. Thanks so much!    M. Albert (Southside Fellowship event)

Last night was so much fun. The authors were fun to listen to and had a lot of helpful tips on organizing not only our homes, but our hearts. They reminded us that God is Who we look to for organization. M. Lucas (Southside Fellowship event.)

After being inspired at the Ladies Cafe with the authors of Organizing From the Heart, I spent the day sifting, sorting and cleaning! Thank you Southside Fellowship and each author from the bottom of my junk drawer! My corner of the word is a bit cleaner today. I also picked up a few tips on how to encourage my daughter! I've never thought of organization from her point of view. now that I know how she works, I can encourage her with the correct tools, time and space. A. Tedder (Southside Fellowship Event)

Thank you for this interesting study on your book “Organizing from the Heart.”    I got some practical ideas for organizing both my home and my office, many of which I have already implemented.     I especially appreciated the concept of working towards being more organized having spiritual aspects to it, and that has definitely helped to change my attitude towards housework.     I find myself thinking of various aspects and suggestions from the study  from time to time, and will be reviewing my notes in the future, I’m sure.   D. Dolphe (online study)

The book's strengths are keeping our focus on God (our motive pure) and its emphasis on the need to be respectful of family members during our efforts to improve our home environment.
There are many practical suggestions and the scripture meditations were helpful to relate God's Word to our home life. Doing the homework made me stop and think about how to tackle problem areas; and I've seen real progress. The statement in the introduction and in the final chapter that we can't ever get everything done is obvious, yet a needed reminder to be realistic. Paige K.

Thank you so much for a wonderful series on organization.  You have accomplished what nobody else has been able to accomplish with me....keeping me motivated to stick to these ideas.  I am a creative thinker and very impulsive;  it is not in my nature to stick with things for a long period of time.  Not only did I stick with these 12 steps to peace, but I looked forward to each week and never missed a class.  God is reaching into the heart of the matter with me by using you as a motivator.  Again, thank you for leaving your work and home each week to teach us what wonderful peace God has in store for each of us in this class. Thanks, G. Haskell (from a class that was conducted that led to writing/publication of the book)

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