Friday, April 29, 2011

I Can't Find My High School Diploma!

Session three of a Getting Organized at Home class I took last year made us face some of the external realities and psychological obstacles that get in the way of effectively managing our home environment. Who knew that a class on home organization would go beyond just sharing helpful tips and processes!?

Here are a couple of "external realities" that can effect our progress in this area:

Unrealistic workload: with downsizing and technology, people are expected to work more and faster, sometimes with fewer resources. At times, we must admit this is self-imposed, as we say "yes" to so many things, and don't realistically track and estimate how much time something really takes. I recently read a great article about "hidden tasks," you know, things like "walking to my office from the parking lot and stopping to talk to someone" that take up time that we forget to add to our calendar. (I'm not suggesting you write all that in your calendar, but instead, observing that we forget to allow 5 or 10 extra minutes to get to places or allow for delays and interruptions. and then are continually running late or feeling stressed.) Ironically, I can't find the article now. When I do, I'll post it for you.

Speed of life/technology: briefly mentioned above, we sink into the technology black hole, wanting to learn every feature of our new Droid (ahem) so that we can be especially efficient. Just because a gadget has a feature, doesn't mean I have to use it, unless it truly will help me with something I already do, or want to do.

Then there are some psychological obstacles to getting our home in order. Oh boy. Do any of these resonate with you?

Need for abundance: some people, having grown up feeling deprived of something, may keep lots of things because of the false sense of security and abundance it brings.

Conquistador of Chaos:
 there are people who thrill to conquering a task. They enjoy the victory so much that they will actually create new bits of chaos so they can stay on that "high" of being a warrior against it. They fear being bored.

Sentimental attachment: there's nothing wrong with keeping some meaningful items, but some of us go overboard. Some can't part with any schoolwork from a child's life, or every knick knack great-grandma handed down. We must remember that these things are just that--things. Things that someday, will be gone. The memories don't have to be. I somehow cannot find my high school diploma, cheerleading letter, or academic achievement pin. Yes, that bothers me. But, does it change the facts of my high school experience? No. I still was on the cheerleading squad. I still graduated. (As an affirmation junkie, I find it humorous that I can't find proof of graduation, academics and sports involvement. Go figure. Maybe there a lesson there?)

Homework for this week is to answer some personal questions about challenges, fears, and myself. Hmmm...I thought this was supposed to be a class on organizing my house? Maybe it starts with my getting some order in my heart.

Special thanks to Stephanie Baker, Christian Life Coach, our teacher.
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